Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Update on the Children

Three of my four children have been in bad car accidents in the last five weeks, all separately and none seriously. Terran was first, he was driving late at night on Highway 3, a very isolated mountain area in Northern California, missed a curve and crashed his car, it was totaled, both air bags deployed, and yet he was only banged up. The really scary part is it was late at night, no cell coverage, no cars going by and he had to walk over 50 miles to get help, he walked all night long for 11 hours straight, in the dark and in the rain. I feel so eternally grateful that he was OK. Then a couple of weeks ago, Aradia and her boyfriend, Aaron were driving in Portland when they were crashed into by a drunk driver who then took off. Although it was a hit and run, he left his license plate behind and they have been able to track him down. Aaron and Aradia were somewhat injured. They are still are in pain and missing work, and the car is totaled, but all and all it could have been worse. Trillium, who is now eight months pregnant, slide her car off the road during this weeks ice storm in Portland, and had to get it towed out, but is fine, and her car is even OK. Alder so far seems fine, although if I could keep him off the road for a few weeks I would be happy. There is something about cars and the Singingtree clan this month.

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