Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas present to myself

I saw a piece on Oprah about low cost and free Christmas gifts, one of which is to make a nice box and have everyone in the family write nice things about each other such as " My Christmas Wish for you is..." My kids laughed at me when I suggested it, so I thought of something I could do for myself. The idea was to make a list of affirmations, prayers, beliefs, values, print them up, and put them in a bag, and pull one out every day, just reminders to myself. Bumper stickers for my brain. Not sure if I will get to the bag part, but I have written down my list, that is a start. When you share a prayer or affirmation it becomes stronger, so I am sharing my list. Free to take, as long as it is given.

Know You Are Loved
Hold Babies
Read Something New
Make Soup
Know The Secret
Feel Blessed
Talk to Friends
Drink Green Tea
Work Hard
Movement Is Good For Old Bones
Give Praise
Eat Salad Everyday
Chew Thoroughly
Pray Together
Ask for Guidance
Eat Smaller Portions
Sleep Well
Ask For Help
Feed Others
Dance Outside
Breathe Deeply
Cherish Your Children
Respect the Elders
Obedience has its place
Teach Kids to Cook
Listen to Others
Celebrate Holidays
Teach To Learn
Support Motherhood
Serve Tea
Push, Push, Push
Love Creates Life
Understand Pain
Clean Space
Study, Study, Study
Children are Precious
Move with Music
Set Goals
Clear Clutter
Give To Get
Pray Outside
Play With Kids
Drink More Water
Garden Year Round
Talk To Friends
Host Guests
Grow Herbs
Work Hard
Care for the Elderly
Give yourself a Break
Read to Children
Eat More Vegetables
Help a Neighbor
Give Thanks
Be Sweet
Clean everyday
Laughter is Medicine
Eat Smaller Portions
You are Worthy
Don't Hide
Stretch, Bend, Stretch.
Be Realistic
You have the Tools
Give Hugs
Reach for the Moon
Grow Food
Organization = Competence
Make Lists
Prepare Healthy Meals
Sing with Others
Share Food
Appreciate Music
Ask For Guidance
Take a Step
Create Art
Ask and It Shall Be Given
Fill yourself with Love
Take Children Outside
Love Earth
Save Energy
Write Well
Work in Community
Birth Naturally
Sing With Others
Pray Together
Walk Around or Be Round
Watch Less TV
Experience Hunger
Give Back
Take Care of Yourself
Nurture the Sick
Give to Get
Be a Sister
Work at Home
Nurse Babies Openly
Listen To the Spirit
Feel Blessed
Value Intimacy
Love Home
Set an Example
Love Freely
Relationships bring growth
Present Well
Be Shiny
Stay Focused
Give Stuff Away
Use Fresh Herbs
Choose Life, Choose Love
Keep Agreements
Clarify Expectations
Serve Others
Get Up More Often
Wake up Early
Active is Alive
Meconium Happens

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