Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Moving Website

I have been meaning to update my website for a long time now. It is kinda like the old saying “the cobblers children have no shoes”, I have not updated my personal site in a few years now, and decided to to do forward to blogger instead until I can get around to changing my site. I spend most of my time maintaining the Aviva Institute site. Aviva has become my life, it is interesting as Aviva means life, and the connection is not entirely lost on me. Aviva is my baby, a toddler now, a toddler midwifery school, still not quite ready to be completely stand alone yet. I work with a fantastic group of people, many of them volunteer much of their time. It is inspiring and humbling to be part of this process.

Personally, I am doing better, it has been a challenging last couple of years. I finally am in the process to get weight loss surgery, do not have a date yet. It is odd for me to be going to that extreme in order to lose weight. For me it is an intervention, not unlike what is needed for drug addiction, but for me it is food. I am embarrassed to write out my current weight, but I am in the category of super obese, morbidly obese to the point of it being debilitating and life threatening. Part of doing this blog, will be writing about my process of preparing for the surgery, and hopefully, my recovery and new life which will result from it.

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