Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back from the hospital, Again

My recovery from bariatric surgery was going remarkably well, then Friday night I was hit with horrible pain and vomiting and went to the ER, turns out I had a kidney stone and an infection, ended up spending two days in ICU, and just got out of the hospital this afternoon. Have a stent in the kidney for two weeks, still have one stone yet. Everyone tells me passing a kidney stone is like the pain of childbirth, well now that I have had both I can safely say childbirth is so much better, you get a baby out of the deal. I am told that the kidney stone was probably unrelated to the bariatric surgery, but I am use to drinking a lot of water and green & white tea. I have been drinking protein drinks and staying away from caffeine, so I think the lack of fluid is what got it going, so I am going back to drinking water, water, water. Being in the hospital again, and being really sick, sucks big time, but I am so grateful to be home, my new housemate Shelly worked on the garden when I was away and it is a joy to be home. Zane my grandson is 11 today. Hard to believe time goes by so fast. I remember it only yesterday being at his birth. One of the things I remember about his homebirth, not only the honor of delivering my first grandchild, but the process of watching my son Alder with his wife Sarah, as he held her during contractions, it was watching my boy become a man. Zane is such a great kid and a joy. I am glad I weathered this latest crisis, and maybe be around to be there for his first child.

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