Thursday, August 26, 2010

Surgery went well

It is finally over! I had my long awaited weight loss surgery Monday and am home from the hospital. I am doing really well, thank you to everyone who sent well wishes, prayers, flowers. Thinks went better than I had expected, it was done laproscopically, which is a much less invasive procedure, any minor problems I had were resolved. There was a concern that I would need an open procedure, but everything went smoothly. My surgeon Dr. MacColl was fantastic, the nurses and aides were great, and as someone who tends to be critical of corporate medicine in general, I was very impressed with my whole hospital experience. The last time I was a patient in a hospital was 27 years ago with a c-section, things have changed. They seem to making a real effort for avoiding medical errors, I was asked my name and DOB, over and over by everyone, and people seemed pretty on top of things. If you have anything unusual going on it throws them off their game a bit but for the most part, I feel very blessed I was able to have as good as an experience as I did. I believe most people who choose to work in health care want to help others and do the best job they can. This is not to say that the nurses weren't overworked, or there is not room for improvement in medical settings. Bringing awareness of healing into medical care seems to be an ongoing process. Being a fat, poor, woman over 50, I have been treated disdainfully and/or patronizing from medical professionals quite often. So I appreciate informed choices and being treated with respect. The surgery was the first step, the next steps of changing a lifetime of eating habits that is going to be the next challenge. One step at a time, and by this time next year, I should have lost a considerable amount of weight. I have a couple more days of recuperating then it is back to school and work for me. Looking forward to the next phase of my life.







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