Saturday, August 18, 2012

Healing, Walking, Gardening, just not blogging

I am doing so much better, really short of miracle. After hospital, nursing home, seven months in the wheelchair, started the process of slow, painful process of walking. Gardening has been my therapy and the healing for both my mind and body. Have not been in the head space to work on the computer, all the websites and blog neglected. I was three credits shy of my Masters in Education and could not finish after my accident. My whole life seemed to revolve around doctors, PT, treatment, and healing. My daughter Trillium came down from Portland numerous times to help with the herb business and we got a bunch of new products for the Oregon Country Fair, so I have been putting energy into getting that going again. Did two other festivals after OCF, which was pretty amazing considering my limitations, but had a great time. I still have part of the bone in one leg missing, and have trouble walking any kind of distance, but all the healing work is paying off. Here are some things that made a difference: prayer, support of family and friends, white tea kombucha, comfrey & horsetail,  trauma oil, gardening.

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